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Worthing Coffeeshop's first birthday!

A continental style cafe, based on an Amsterdam Coffee Shop, in Worthing will this week celebrate its first Birthday.

Buddies Cafe has to date remained open as local authority spent eleven months allowing the cafe to run, and only recently have asked the owner to apply for planning permission!

Chris Baldwin a fifty-something Pisces man, will happily tell you this was never actually his intention, he planned to open up and get closed instantly by the police, to prove a political point but it didn't happen, instead he and a few cannabis campaigners are now under a constant pressure from customers both medical and recreational to stay open,because the police wouldn't close it down!

Hundreds (more probably thousands) of visitors have walked through the doors over the last year, from all walks of life, and as far away as Holland!

Now as the cafe reaches its first birthday, Chris and his Staff would like to invite any member of any newspaper to come along and witness living history, and then through them ask the public...should it stay..or should it go???

Not only has this cafe helped over two hundred medical patients, Chris and the majority of his staff suffer from disabilities.

They have created a friendly community cafe where people can meet up with others, and spend some time doing something they enjoy without being excluded from society.

This cafe has bought more turnover to the local area, with restaurants, take always, newsagents, garages and bed and breakfasts feeling the benefit of the extra visitors to this beautiful seaside resort, it has also raised a huge political debate, and with all customers regularly donating to The Legalise Cannabis Alliance (a registered political party, that Chris has sat as candidate in Worthing in previous years), it shows these people want to see change.

If you would like to take part in the celebrations on Thursday 26th June, please make your way to...

Buddies Cafe
10 Coronation Buildings
Brougham Road

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