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UKCIA sequel to Mentor's "Hayzy Dayz"

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This is a leaflet produced by Mentor UK, with support from the government's "Talk to Frank" campaign. Aimed at the 13-16 age group, "Hayzy Dayz", uses a comic-book format and outdated stereotypes to warn kids of the health risks of using cannabis.

UKCIA Hayzy Dayz sequel

UKCIA has produced a sequel to "Hayzy Dayz" which gives information about cannabis in what we think is a far more honest and believable way and without resorting to insulting stereotypes.

Cartoon pictures and speech provided by Tiny vol who contributes to our forum. Main text agreed by UKCIA.

What do you think? Discuss this and other issues about cannabis on the forum here.

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UKCIA sequel to Hayzy Dayz - understanding  cannabis


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