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Cannabis videos
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A selection of videos about cannabis, more will be added in time. If you know of a cannabis video worth including, mail UKCIA

Break the Taboo

Narrated by Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman, "Breaking the Taboo" is produced by Sam Branson's indie Sundog Pictures and Brazilian co-production partner Spray Filmes and was directed by Cosmo Feilding Mellen and Fernando Grostein Andrade. Featuring interviews with several current or former presidents from around the world, such as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, the film follows The Global Commission on Drug Policy on a mission to break the political taboo over the United States led War on Drugs and expose what it calls the biggest failure of global policy in the last 40 years

Breaking the Taboo website

BBC Learning Zone

WHEN WE GROW...This is what we can do

Home Grown Outlaw
Cannabis law doesn't affect you - sure?


Medical cannabis in the UK - BBC Inside Out


Run from the cure

For more info Learn about Rick Simpson (click here), the man who rediscovered the cure for cancer and shared it with as many people as he could (see here) Recently while traveling from Canada Rick had his house raided again for the third time, and while Rick always admitted with pride that he had grown medicinal hemp and cured people with it... the police fabricated this "raid" and found no marijuana and actually stole other things from the property, and all without producing a warrant. The police force that broke into Rick's home and destroyed the inside stole the very security cameras that proves what they were doing.

California's Cannabis Culture


California's Cannabis Culture from amanda van west on Vimeo.

Marijuana a Chronic History (Full Version)  


Paving the Way: Harborside Medical Marijuana Center, Oakland California
Medical MJ in California - a video from HCLU

The Flower


The Berlin Hanf Parade - August 2010


Berlin Hanf Parade website / Steffan Geyer - main organioser website (German language)

Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century - Andrew Weil M.D.


Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century - Andrew Weil M.D. from MAPS: Psychedelic Science on Vimeo.

ITV Wales this week 11th may 2009 cannabis grower will not stop growing

Aman will not stop growing cannabis even though he has been busted 15 times and been sent to jail twice over the space of 35 years. a man will not stop growing cannabis even though he has been busted 15 times and been sent to jail twice over the space of 35 years. Neil Morgan.

Legalization: Yes We Can - American advert from the NORML organisation

Smoking without borders

An HCLU film about the drug tourism problem in the Netherlands: is it really only the problem of the Dutch?


UKCIA related videos - Contamination of street supplies

This has become a serious problem in the UK following police raids against growers in 2006 known as operation Keymer - see the contamination section here.

ITV Wales report January 2007.


Oily ash - video contains good advice - don't smoke contaminated cannabis

Grit weed compilation


Reefer Madness UK - Majorie Wallace, Debra Bell


Great North Run - An MS Sufferers Story

2 years ago I was taking pharmaceutical medication which left me unable to walk 50 yards. On the 30th of September I walked over 13 miles and raised £1000 for a children's charity. I was dressed in a Cannabis leaf costume because it was the reason why I was there. I'd like to see it legalised for the chronically ill and the vulnerable. Please don't let my efforts go to waste. There are an awful lot of people waiting for relief and dying right now.

Please legalise Cannabis in the UK!!!

USA medical marijuana clubs

Talk to Frank tributes

Re-voiced Talk to Frank Brain Warehouse advert. Much more honest than the original. Talk to Frank is the British governments anti drugs advertising campaign.


The terrible truth about marijuana

Office of National Drug Control Policy - modern day USA anti cannabis ad


Home grown productions


Legalize it by Phill

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