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The Legalise Cannabis Alliance Conference 2001

The conference was held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich on March 17th 2001 and provided a valuable opportunity for many of the activists in the legalisation movement to get together and discuss tactics

UKCIA is pleased to bring a summary of the main events of the day by hosting recordings of the main speakers on the day.

Click on the links to the speeches and you should hear the recording. If a windows-type "dialogue box" pops up, click on the "open file" option and it should play. Alternatively you can download the speeches and listen to them later.

If your PC doesn't have a sound card, sorry, but they won't work. In which case, you can buy CD's of the speeches from the LCA - click here to order

UKCIA draws your attention to the keynote speeches by Eddy Ellison and Caroline Coon in particular

Alun Buffrey (Norwich LCA)

Speech: "Problems, reality, uses, solutions, politics"

Alun is the co-author of the LCA document "Cannabis, Legalise and utilise"

Nominating officer for the LCA and (at time of writing just prior to the expected 2001 General Election) the Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Norwich South

Click here to hear or download the speech

Eddy Ellison (Ex Metropolitan Drug Squad)

Keynote speech: "Drugs? Cannabis: It's not a real crime, is it?"

From Devon, he retired from the Metropolitan Police in 1993 as Detective Chief Superintendent heading the Crime Policy Unit of Specialist Operations Department at New Scotland Yard. Seven years on the Met drug squad he is now a trustee on the management committee of Release and he's a patron of Transform.

Click here to hear or download the speech

Caroline Coon (Founder of Release)

Keynote speech: "Principle: Corruption, racism and drugs"

Caroline is a co-founder of the charity "Release"

Click here to hear or download the speech

Roger Warren Evans (Retired Barrister)

Keynote speech: "Our fundamental freedoms - the European convention"

Roger is a member of Liberty, a retired barrister and senior corporate manager in the construction industry, Society of Labour Lawyers. He is an active member of the Labour party

Click here to hear or download the speech

Don Barnard (LCA Essex)

Speech: "Drug testing"

Author of "You the jury: Cannabis law and drug testing"

Click here to hear or download the speech

Ingo Wagenknecht (Norfolk Green Party)

Speech: "Hemp, the secret lies withion the soil"

Click here to hear or download the speech

Mark Gibson (LCA Cumbria)

Speech: "Medical use and prescription cannabis"

Mark is the husband of Lesley who was found not guilty by a Cumbrian jury after admitting possession of cannabis for medical use.

Mark is the prospective parliamentary candidate for the LCA on Penrith and the Border in the expected 2001 general election at the time of writing.

Click here to hear or download the speech

Howard Marks (ex cannabis supplier)

Keynote Speech: The prohibition of cannabis is a recent and disastrous experiment"

Ex cannabis supplier, ex convict, Howard is "Mr Nice"

Click here to hear or download the speech

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