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Speeches from the 2005 LCA conference

(all MP3 format)

Alun Buffry Alun Buffry, LCA Candidate Norwich South 2001, National Coordinator Alun's website
Don Barnard LCA Press Officer and PPC Norwich South 2005 Don's website
Clara O Donnell LCA Publications Officer
Farooque Ahmed LCA candidate local elections Norwich 2004
Winston Matthews PPC Clwyd West
Tom Hampson PPC Leigh
Rocky van de Benderskum
Colin Preece PPC Birmingham Yardly
Vic Hamilton PPC Dorset South
Linda Hendry LCA Parliamentary Candidate Edinburgh South 2001, Legalise Cannabis Campaign Scotland
Steve Pank PPC Swansea West
Osborne Douglas (Oz)
Chris Baldwin LCA Parlimentary candidate Worthing & East Shoreham, 2001 and
PPC Worthing 2005 Chris's website
Helen a carer
Pat Tabram - see also this page on the LCA website
Andy Cornwall

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