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Speeches from the emergency general meeting of the LCA 11th November 2006

This meeting was called to consider the future of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance on November 11th 2006. The meeting decided to de register as apolitical party and to reform as a pressure group.

Here are the speeches from the meeting (MP3 format)

1: Introduction - Alun Buffrey

2: Steve Pank - background

3: Alun Buffry - History

4: Ingo Wagenknecht- the motion

5: Proposer - Alun Buffry

6: Against - Rocky Vanderbenderskum

7: Comments from absent members

8: Against 2 - Winstone Matthews

9: Seconder - Don Barnard

10. More comments from absent members

11: From the floor - Winstone Matthews

12: More comments from absent members

13: Clara O Donnell

14: Chris Jackman

15: Jimmy McLeavey

16: More comments form absent members

17: The vote to deregister

18: Appeal for volunteers

19: Derek Williams

20: Selection of Nominating Officer - Don Barnard

21: Selection of Nominating Officer - Esteban Otton (Stan)

22: Selection of Nominating Officer - Winstone Matthews.


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