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Speeches from the Legalise Cannabis Alliance conference
held at the University of East Anglia April 6th 2002

Massive changes had occurred since the last AGM of the LCA this time last year, and there are more which are expected to be announced soon. The 2002 conference of the LCA was a chance to reflect on where the campaign had got to, and how it should develop in the future.

There was no doubt that 2002 had been a year when the log jam of prohibition had been broken, and for the LCA it had indeed been an eventful year. This year there were no "big name" speakers, it was an event for the activists and they came from the length and breadth of the country.

Here you can listen to the speeches of some of the main activists - all in MP3 format. The file sizes are in brackets if you want to download them, but they should stream OK on a 56K modem connection. You may have to wait forthem to download first.

John Peacock
General election candidate in Cumbria
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Don Barnard
LCA Press Officer and anti-drug testing activist
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Ingo Wagenknecht
Green Party activist from Norfolk speaking on sustainabity

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Chris Baldwin
Coffee shop activist
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Phil Lockwood
Activist from the North West
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Robin Scott
Former grower
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Lyndon Pugh
Editor of CCnews
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Mark Gibson
Medical campaigner
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Alun Buffry
LCA coordinator
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