1999 - May day is J day

Cannabis Carnival 1999 (Derek pictures)

These pictures are stills from a video of the march, sadly with a very old and not so good VHS camcorder.

The march was the first of the Cannabis Carnivals organised by the International Cannabis Coalition, the ICC, which involved members of the Exodus collective from Luton and the Green Party Drugs Group amongst others.

We met up on a nice sunny day in a little park in Brixton and made our way to Clapham Common for what was going to be a festival, but the local council had taken fright and refused to allow an entertainment licence, so there was no music or dancing at all officer, honest.

Also hanging over the parade was the horrific nail-bomb attack on the Brixton market. There were several such incidents around this time, all the work of one person who was eventually caught. These attacks were thought to be racially motivated and this explains the large number of Ani Nazi League placards on the march. As we passed the scene of the bomb attack, the march fell silent out of respect.

The police had stated that they would arrest anyone found using cannabis, but there were no arrests, even though people were openly toking away on pipes, bongs and of course joints. As always on a legalise cannabis demo when the police don't attack, the whole event was totally peaceful.

The images below are still taken from the video.