Medical Testimony

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Name: Mark Fitzgerald
Condition: Glaucoma
Thursday 30 Aug 2007

My paternal family has a strong history of glaucoma. My grandfather
suffered glaucoma blindness at age 42 and all of his 3 children are
being treated with traditional "drops". At 48 years of age having been
a using marijuana as a recreational drug for 30 years I find my ability
to focus over short to medium distances (1 to 3 meters) varies from poor
when straight to quite good when bent. I base this on my performance in
the game of 8-ball (pool) played on a 7' long table. I'd be seriously
interested in seeing some empirical data about the effect of IOP on the
distance between lens and retina as I think that the undoubted drop in
IOP resulting from THC must affect the balloon that is the eyeball. I
was trying to find a correlation between IOp and focal length when I
found your site so I hope this helps.