Medical Testimony

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Name: Anonymous
Condition: Glaucoma
Tuesday 26 May 2009

My boyfriend was beaten up in a random street attack 7 years ago aged 15. He was held down and repeatedly punched in the eye by a youth wearing a sovereign ring, causing his retina to detach and glaucoma to develop.

At first he was taking the prescribed eye drops. After a few weeks he started to complain of a scratching on the inside of his eye, which he was constantly trying not to rub. I thought that this would be normal until his eyes adjusted to the medication and the itching would reduce.

This was not the case however as the itching continued at a steady level. It was after a month or two that he would have to stop doing whatever he was doing to sit or lay down. The first time he told me in a slightly panicked voice that there were bubbles in his eyes and they hurt. Later he had told me that he was worried that he was about to go blind and that his eye felt like it was about to explode.

This carried on with some regularity ad started to become part of our daily lives, with both of us increasingly worried about his sight.

It was just after we had resigned ourselves to him becoming blind that a work colleague told me cannabis was an affective treatment.
I then did alot of research and talked to alot of people who smoked cannabis both for medical and recreational purposes.

We decided that it was worth a try. I am so glad that we found it, he now no longer has any pain in his eye, scratchy feelings or bubbles in his eyes. His eye sight hasn't deteriorated, which his doctor was very confused by!

My only worry now is that if he is caught with cannabis he will be treated like a criminal and possibly put in prison. I'm worried that if this happens my boyfriend who I hope will be my husband and a father to my children will lose a portion of his eyesight as well as his life.

We have resigned ourselves to his eventually being blind, but we know that with the help of cannabis he might be able to look at our wedding photos, see our children's smiles and maybe he'll still be able to see when our grandchildren are born. We both hope so.