Medical Testimony

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Name: Anonymous
Condition: AIDS
Friday 28 Sep 2001

I regularly use cannabis to help not only with my condition, but
also to alleviate the side effects of the highly toxic medication I have to
take. Both my GP and Specialist are aware and support my use of cannabis,
particularly the effect it can have in stimulating the appetite, and the way
it helps with dizziness, nausea, stomach cramps, insomnia and also give me a
general sense of wellbeing when things are getting too much for me, as being
HIV you tend to ride a rollercoaster of emotions, and cannabis helps me
keep things in perspective and levels me out.

I donít state cannabis is the answer medically to all my health problems,
but it does go a long way to alleviate a great deal of the symptoms and
have contacted GW Pharmaceuticals (who are conducting medical trials)
and offered my services/med records, and whole heartedly support the use
of cannabis medicinally.