Medical Testimony

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Name: Mike
Condition: glaucoma
Sunday 06 Nov 2011

I'm 42 years old and was diagnosed with glaucoma when I was 22 years old. To this day I use marijuana to relieve the pain of my ailment. It is obvious that the discomfort is caused by "pressure", just as the medical texts describe. Equally obvious is the relief of that pain when I perform my bi-weekly regimen of marijuana use, which has become a routine in my life.
My job is a "suit-and-tie" job at a large firm in New York. My opthamologist has condoned my use of cannibas for treating my glaucoma, HOWEVER, it amazes me that I would be thrown into jail if any cannibas was found in my posession!
I wrote to the Governor of New York and told him I use marijuana, and also told him that he would probably be a lot happier with the State's economy if the State were collecting its small tax on legal marijuana use, rather than the current policy of putting good, educated, intelligent people into prison for using it for purposes of preventing their own blindness. I also told him that I, and about 4 million other glaucoma patients in New York will continue to use marijuana because it is preventing us from going blind.
There is a bill currently being shuffled from department to department within New York State regarding the legalization of medical marijuana. If the bill is not passed into law, I am packed and ready to move my life to the State of Rhode Island, where medical use is authorized.
From a scientific perspective, I personally attest (not as a hippie, or a junkie, or a partying college kid) to the necessity of using marijuana in the treatment of glaucoma. It eases the pain, and it is preserving my eyesight. If I weren't using it, says my opthamologist, the glaucoma would have taken more of my vision away than it has.
I can see, and I don't care who says I can't use marijuana, I will continue to use it, I condone it, and most of all, I would rather not obtain it by driving to the bad neighbirhiid and paying a gun-toting felon for my weekly supply.

New York, USA