Medical Testimony

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Name: RTrischler
Condition: Glaucoma
Monday 03 Sep 2012

I have been diagnosed with "border-line" or glaucoma "suspect" for about 30 years, told by multitudes of private physicians that my C/D (Cup/Disc) ratio is at 60%. I have used marijuana fairly regularly and it appears the only thing not making me a full-blown glaucoma sufferer is my pressures are stable.

I've not been working for the last 20 months due to spinal surgery / fusion on my 5-6 & 6-7 neck vertebrae and I believe permanent nerve damage affecting neck, back and all limbs to daily varying amounts of pain. Due to money. or lack of, I began using the Veterans' Administration for my medical needs through my disabled veteran status. The VA eye doctor said my C/D ration is now 75-80% although my pressure readings are around 20 - 25 of whatever measurement it's calibrated on. I've had photo-grey glasses since wearing them about 30 years ago b/c my eyes hurt from sun and light, although the VA eye doctor told me there's nothing in my medical records to support eye pain related to light. She added when I told her of the pain that "Yes, everyone needs sunglasses, but your records don't support a history of sensitivity. This on my 1st VA eye doctor appointment. I don't see her basis for this evaluation since I've never before seen a VA doctor for my eyes before last month. She said she'd approve my photo-grey lenses this one time, and next time I'd need to pay $85 for future glasses.

The only thing I can attribute to my pressures remaining relatively the same in this 30 year period is my marijuana use as I never had eye drops. The VA is now going to prescribe drops for me.

I would love to move to California where I could get it legally prescribed by a MD and avoid the legal ramifications. On top of this, it also helps me deal with the pains in my back, neck, legs and arms.