Medical Testimony

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Name: Seb
Condition: Back injury / depression
Wednesday 03 Dec 2014

Hi my names Seb. My story is that i used to be a weightlifter and I had a back injury after lifting too heavy.

Long story cut short I messed up all my lower back I was close to slipping my two lower discs in my back and I had to stop the sport altogether.

I lost a lot of weight I got diagnosed with depression and with my dead end job I became stressed with life more and more stuff kept happening in my life and I became very suicidal,

I started using cannabis - by the way I don't smoke tobacco at all - I just use weed. I have used it nearly every night for the last 2 years and in this stage in my life I have never been happier. I have a wonderful girlfriend, I have a full time job witch I enjoy I feel great all the time (cannabis numbs out all the bullshit of life :) )and life is going amazing


I eat, sleep so well these days and because of cannabis I didn't have to use harming pharmacy drugs for my depression my life has improved 100% all because of cannabis //

I'm screaming legalise this wonderful plant people need to open there eyes and get this plant to the people of uk