Medical Testimony

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Name: Stuart
Condition: Migraine
Saturday 10 Jan 2015

Hi I am a 28 year old male I have suffered from severe migraines since the age of 11 the doctors have never been able to tell me why. I have had hospital test and been on more different types of medication than I can remember, most of which did nothing, some made it worse and others had side effects almost as bad as the migraines.

I work on a farm and in the last two years my migraines have become more intense and frequent sometimes lasting 5 to six days at a time. This has caused me to have time off work, laying in a dark room fealing very sick due to the pain and vomiting is often a common thing for me.

My boss warned me that I was ill to much and he would have no option than to replace me if I couldn't find a way to stop my migraines.

One day whilst at a barbecue a migraine started so I made my apologies and went to leave and someone offered me a spliff as they said it would help. I had not tried it before but thought what the hell its worth a try. Within 20 minutes my migraine had gone. From that day I experimented and found the right amount to stop the migraine and not be incapacitated by the high, but it is hard finding a constant stream which I trust and know the strength.

My boss and I talked, he is aware of my use and is happy I'm at work again. I am in a situation though that because of some of my licences which are issued by the police I need to do my job so am in a situation where if I don't use it for migraine relief I lose my job and house leaving me and my family homeless, but if I use it and get caught even with a small amount I will lose my licence job and house leaving me in the same situation.

I am truly and honestly worried about this, I often lose sleep worrying about my situation I don't know what to do. Either way pain free or in pain I risk losing my way of living, feeding my family and the home we live in.

Why is the only thing I have found to work illegal and no one I speak to knows a way to help, I just don't know what to do.