Medical Testimony

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Name: David
Condition: Marfan syndrome, Curved spine and Migraine
Sunday 11 Jan 2015

Hi I have a condition called marfan syndrome and had heart surgery 3 years ago.

Marfan syndrome causes many different symptoms not just heart complications.
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I have a curve in my spine and suffer with bad back pain especially after being at work all day. Because of my heart surgery I try to stay away from smoking with tobacco or I make cannabis butter to make cookies the pain in my back pretty much disappears after using cannabis.

I also suffer with migraine so as soon as I get aura I smoke a joint and this helps stop the migraine all together.

The only thing I dislike about cannabis is having to find a dodgy dealer and pay over the odds for little product. The law needs to change the government need to realize how good this natural product is. Keep up the good work