Medical Testimony

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Name: Paul
Condition: Grand mal seizures
Tuesday 24 Feb 2015

I suffered horrific head injurys following a motocycle accident over 11years ago, which left me in a coma for 2 months. After coming out of the coma I was left paralysed for 8 months and had suffered post traumatic epilepsy as a result of the injuries I had sustained to my head/brain.

After many years of trying numerous epilepsy medications I was still having grand mal seizures, which are the most painfull uncomfortable things I have ever experienced which took almost a week to get over.

So I decided I needed to try something else to help combat these seizures. I started to self medicate with marihuana 9 years ago and the grand mals stopped and only came back very few and far between when my supply had ran out or had got so low I was smoking a miniscule amount that was not enough CBD/THC for my brain to stop this abnormal electrical impulses that is causing the epilepsy.

I hate having to go out on to the streets of the uk to buy this medication , all because the uk government cares about the big pharmacuticals and not the small people .