Medical Testimony

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Name: Gary
Condition: brachial plexus lesion, paralyzed right arm, horrific nerve pain
Saturday 18 Apr 2015

I had a bad motorbike crash 12 years ago which resulted in several injuries. Main injury was a brachial plexus lesion which has left me with a paralyzed right arm and horrific nerve pain ( even after 12 years the pain is severe! )

I have used Oxycontin, Gabapentim, Amytryptaline, Diclofenic to name but a few prescribed drugs. I have found that Cannabis helps enormously with my nerve pain. The pain doesn't go away but the best way I could describe how cannabis works would be to say that the pain seems 'distant' its still there but its in the background. Just having the pain in the background is a godsend as the nerve pain can be incredibly debilitating. I just hope that the UK follows the US and legislation is changed.

Keep up the great work