Medical Testimony

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Name: Pete
Condition: Damaged Spine
Saturday 10 Oct 2015

Hi, i have been a cannabis user for many years, first for pleasure and to help me relax in order to sleep but of late for pain relief.

In 2005 i was involved in a very serious road accident which has damaged my spine.

In the years up to 2009 i was put on every type of pain killer from tramadol to oromorph. In 09 i had an operation but this was only for 1 of the 3 areas causing the problems so rather than continue using morphine-which made me drowsy and bad tempered-i decided to go back to using cannabis which works fantasticly well with no side effects.

In 2012 i moved to Spain where cannabis is readily available-still not legal and very cheap priced at 1-3 euros a gram. Due to this i spent 3 years virtually pain free before returning to the UK this summer.

I am now back on a variety of pain killers and tramadol as well, my doctor agrees with me that medical marijuanna would be beneficial to many people and would love to be able to prescribe cannabis in a form that you dont smoke - he laughed when i said that space cake is good!I saw plants in Spain that were huge at least 2m high with a 3m circumference one of those would keep me going for years, i would love to grow here but don't need the aggravation of being caught and trawled in front of judges for what is basically a weed that grows naturally and easily.