Medical Testimony

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Name: L
Condition: Ankylosing spondylitis
Sunday 11 Oct 2015

My husband has ankylosing spondylitis, in which his bones will degenerate and form extra bone in places there shouldn't be, causing him constant pain/stiffness and fatigue, its uncurable, to ease L's suffering he needs to take a cocktail of 15 pills a day, just for some sort of ease, however this doesn't completely take away his pain, so much so he is now being moved to a drug called Embrel, which will lower his immunity to 40% making him susceptible to all sorts of infections.

L now uses cannabis for medicinal purposes, smoking not only can completely take away all his pain, it eases the bad stomach effects of one of his pills which reduces the inflammation. By using cannabis L can avoid using Embrel, however with the obvious legality issues, it isn't always a consistent supply leaving L in the position were he has to either choose to be in pain or put his life at risk by taking an extremely damaging drug - were if Cannabis was legalised, he wouldn't have this heartbreaking decision which will affect our whole family.