Medical Testimony

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Name: Danielle
Condition: Pain management, M.E and Fibromayalgia
Sunday 29 Nov 2015

I use cannabis as I suffer chronic pain from my disability. I had a car accident aged 17 which left me with a disability. A doctor told me my disability is so that it will never get better only worse. I just need to find ways to manage it. I am currently on 20mg 5x a day of Oxycodone.

I was diagnosed with M.E and Fibromayalgia 3 years ago. With the pain from my disability and this debilitating illness I use cannabis as it helps in a huge way IF I am lucky to get the right strain. I can only get what I can get. I have no other means to get this natural treatment other than go to a dodgy and often scary drug dealer. Some are better than others.

I went online desperate to find a contact with a certain medicinal strains. We met up and he ran off with my money. I got so fed up I decided to grow my own. I bought a whole indoor tent with a light and a hydroponic kit.

I grew 4 plants from very specific strains for my pain and sleep issues. It was the most pain manageable year I had. That was 3yrs ago, I have not been able to afford to turn my heating on in my home for the last two years so I would not afford the extra electric bill.

I am lucky I was introduced to a really nice lad who only sells cannabis as his aunts has MS and I feel a lot more comfortable seeing him only when I can afford it. I still drive an hour to see him.

My pain is the worst it has ever been and I am not able to manage it with my oxycodone and I rarely can afford cannabis. It is the one thing that helps me the best, better than oxycodone. I can take a tablet less often if I have cannabis. I fall asleep much easier, it takes the edge off my pain relaxes my muscles. I suffer cramps in my damaged leg, more so in the winter when It is cold.

I do not ever have cramps when I have had cannabis. I feel I am just left on these hardcore drugs which effectively are worse than cannabis. If I take a tablet less I am woken up from the cramps ravaging through my body from withdrawal from the oxycodone. My body does not feel that pain if I go a day or week without cannabis.

I am desperate to get the right treatment and I would like to get involved in anyway possible with your campaign. I would be willing to do any clinical trials or experiments. I am desperate to get off these drugs my body is addicted to and use the right treatment for my body to heal from this M.E and Fibromyalgia and manage my pain which is at its worst in the evening. I would like nothing more than to help in the fight.
Thank you for what you are doing.