Medical Testimony

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Name: Tony
Condition: Crohns and Fibromyalgia
Friday 08 Jan 2016

Hi guys, I saw that you are collecting testimonials on the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

I've got crohns and fibromyalgia.

With the fibro it just takes the edge off the unending pain and helps me step back a bit from it all. On trips to Amsterdam I've found I get to points where I can actually feel like my body is a bit more normal.

Also, since I start d using cannabis regularly My stomach has settled down dramatically over the last few months. I went from pooping an average 10 times a day to 1 or 2 healthy poops,and my stomach pain has calmed down.

I didn't realise how much difference it was making until today. I've been dry for a few days and started getting diahorrea again,so I cleaned out all my grinders and old baggies so I could have a little bit to use and almost immediately the diahorrea has stopped and my stomach pain is settling down again.

Thanks for collecting everyone's stories.