Medical Testimony

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Name: Colin
Condition: Arthritis, Chronic pain
Thursday 14 Jan 2016

Am on pregablin 450 mg been on it for now on ten years. It never took the pain away completely. I tried complementing it with paracetamol, ibuffen, morphine, was last chance saloon. Not one helped but could kill me poison me. Smoked weed as a teenager had fun on it as you do then gave it up, joined army come out after I done my time, never gave cannabis another thought until three years ago. With chronic pain, arthritis in both hips hands, limited finger movements and having to look after my bed ridden mother. It was getting harder to help mum and sort other tasks I looked back to cannabis and using that with the pregabin, wow what a difference! It has changed my life for the better and given me a whole lease of life and can be more productive so why am I a criminal?