Idiom For Marijuana Cigarettes
Author shown holding a part
of a marijuana cigarette

Derivation: many ingenious hiding places where pushers conceal their narcotics; knee joints, elbow joints. This term and place of concealment was exposed by a Royal Canadian Mountie who offered to Indian wrestle one of the pushers who was under surveillance and who, during the contest, was unable to keep his elbows down. They kept flying toward the ceiling
PUSHER: Not to be confused with the Bronx secretary rejection: "Don't get pushy."

Author poses in a typical marijuana user's apartment. The people who lived here have been taken into custody. The desperation of the couple is shown by the absence of the wall-to-wall carpeting, which they smoked at the end. "Calling the man" frustrates the user when the cliché, "If a man answers, hang up" is used.
A GOOD COUNT: Sometimes, to boost business, the connection will give the users a little extra. Below is the author with (in the background) an ounce that he is protecting. A SHORT COUNT: If the user is of noble blood, marijuana has been known to reduce the individual's physical size. Count Berazzo and Count Putzolob are (not) pictured.

THE CONNECTION: (Not) posing in front of a marawanny bush is the connection - a parasite that thrives on the tragic despair of a seamy world; from which the underworld term, "If you see the me with the man, cool it," was derived. MANICURING: The process used in separating the tobacco from the twigs. Above, the author is pictured here with a confiscated manicuring machine.

THE VIPER: A rare snake that can be smoked. Not to be confused with smoked lox or ham.

"Are you going to cop tonight?" After smoking hemp, the costume fetish seemed to manifest itself.
EUPHORIA COSTUMEA: A usually normal middle-aged businessman trapped in Euphoria Costumea.

KNOCKERS, KNOCKERS:Hermaphrodite narcotics-users who have a pair of knockers. Postal regulations prohibit showing the Sheik's knockers, but take it away from me, brother, they're lovely.
This full-length portrait shows the Sheik wearing no top but, staying within the bounds of decency, wearing corduroy knickers. Say it' it's fun. "Nero's nifty knickers are below his nobbly knockers." Okay, boys and girls, let's try it now without blowing the candle out.

HOLDING: User's term, relative to possession of the drug. Here is the author showing "The Holding Method."

ZONKED:Marijuana that is not smoked. The user sits approximately sixteen inches from the stalk and inhales the fumes.
THE HEAT: Arrest incidence for marijuana involvements are negligible with most people who have the following occupations: Congressmen, probation officers, bowlers, asthmatics, Ku Klux Klan members, Jewish grandmothers, and opium smokers.
In user's vulgate, narcotics agents are referred to as "heat." Officers must employ ingenious masquerades, disguises that will allay suspicion.

 Disguise l: "The Jumbo"
Appropriate when a twelve-man raid is necessary - one man in the trunk, one in each leg, and one in the body. This subterfuge is extremely successful, since the officers can peek out from one of the available elephant apertures. The lookout position of the two front eyes is most popular with authorities. The less desirable point-of-view is referred to by special agents as "detail."

 Disguise Ll: The Freak
Special Officer Frank Lewis has had 3,150 successful arrests with this disguise: a female child's torso with male adult legs. Mr Lewis has baffled institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and staffers at John Hopkins.

 Mr. Lewis
Here shown sunning himself at Hyannisport. Mr Lewis is a member of the first Oregon Institute, Rangeley, Maine.
A HEAD: After smoking the weed, the users sometimes involve themselves in a macabre game called "doing up the car." The idividual's head is usually the only part left. Special Agent Harold Horney poses. GETTING BUSTED A pound of marijuana rolled into cigarettes retails on the market for ¥630,000.00. All people involved with narcotics and the pushers are extremely wealthy. This can be established by just picking up the paper and looking at the names and addresses of the arrested waitresses, jazz musicians, fender men, garment center finishers, busboys, dance instructresses. They report these occupations, but they are just subterfuges. Because of the millions of dollars involved with this traffic, these people obviously keep up these jobs for a front.
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