John Lennon fined £150 on drug charge
John Winston Lennon, aged 28, of The Beatles, was fined £150 with 20 guineas costs at Marleybone Magistrates' Court yesterday when he pleaded guilty to unauthorised possession of 219 grains of cannabis resin found when detectives accompanied by dogs searched his flat at Montagu Square Marleybone on October 18.

Appearing with him on remand, Mrs Yoko Ono Cox, aged 34, artist, of the same address, denied charges of unauthorised possession of the drug and willfully obstructing Detective Sergeant Norman Pilcher when he was exercising his powers under the Dangerous Drugs Act. She was discharged and Mr Lennon was also discharged on a similar charge of obstructing the officer, which he denied. The prosecution offered no evidence on those three counts.

Mr Roger Frisby, for the prosecution, told Mr John Phipps, the magistrate, that although the flat appeared to be in the joint occupation of the couple, Mr Lennon had taken full responsibility for the drugs and said Mrs Cox had nothing to do with it.

Mr Frisby said that when the officers got into the flat and told Mr Lennon that they had a search warrant they found a large quantity of drugs properly prescribed by Mr Lennon's doctor. When asked if he had any he should not have, such as cannabis, Mr Lennon shook his head. Mr Frisby said a cigarette rolling machine found on top of the bathroom mirror, a cannister originally containing film found in a bedroom and a cigarette case all bore traces of cannabis resin.

In an envelope in a suitcase was found 27.3 grains of the drug, and 191.8 grains was in a binocular case, nosed out by a dog, on the mantelshelf in the living room.
The Times, November 29, 1968
NB: A 'grain' is the basic unit of weight in the British system, based on the weight of a grain of barley. There are 7000 grains in the avoirdupois pound, which is split into 16 ounces of 437.5 grains each. The quantity John was busted for was, therefore, half an ounce.