. Pot Night


Pot Night - The Book, Channel 4 Television, 1995

Keith S. Bovey is a lawyer who defends drugs cases throughout Scotland.

Simon Firth is a writer, producer and director. He is currently producing The Experimenter, a science fiction series for BBC Education.

Stuart Hall is a policy officer for Release Publications Ltd, which works closely with the Release charity. He was a speaker at the 1994 International Cannabis Conference in Paris, and more recently met policy-makers and coffee shop owners during a visit to Amsterdam as part of his research into Dutch drugs policy.

Tim Hodlin, a Middle East specialist, a television producer, presenter and reporter. He has worked for the British Council in Iran, has produced six documentaries for Channel 4 and is the author of a number of EFL textbooks. He is also an experienced rose grower.

Dr Tim Holden is an archaeological botanist now primarily working on ancient plant remains in Scotland. He has published papers on a wide variety of ancient crops and other plant remains from Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Neil M. Montgomery is a film and television producer living and working in Edinburgh.



Sean O'Hagan writes on popular culture for, among others, the Guardian, The Times and Arena. He has appeared on BBC2's Late Show, and presented a contraversial J'accuse on the Rolling Stones for Channel 4. He is currently working on a book on modern Irish culture.

Dr Roger Pertwee is Reader in Biomedical Sciences at the Universoty of Aberdeen, and International Secretary of the International Cannabis Research Society. He has been carrying out research on the pharmacology of cannabinoids for over 25 years, first at the University of Oxford and now at Aberdeen, where it is financed mainly by the Wellcome Trust.

Danny Rosenbaum has written for Media Week and the Sunday Express, and was founder of the arts magazine, The Auteur. He has also been involved in making a wide variety of documentary and current affairs programmes for Channel 4 Television, mainly on social and business issues.

Peter Stoker is currently a consultant with Positive Prevention Plus, a charity specialising in drug prevention. He worked for nearly ten years in counselling, intervention and treatment of drug users, and is the author of books and papers on the subject. He has a large family.


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