The cannabis law reform campaign has been going for decades now, since the original "Legalise Cannabis Campaign" (which gave rise to this website), but it has to be said it has been one of the least successful campaigns ever and cannabis is still illegal. Despite cannabis almost never being out of the news the various campaigns have made very little impact, but this might be changing at last.


The case for cannabis law reform

Living under prohibition
What are the problems we face, how did they come about and what can we do? If you're new to all this, start here.

Toke Pure!
Practical harm reduction: Even now most people still smoke cannabis mixed with tobacco in joints - UKCIA anti tobacco campaign

Fax your MP
This is an excellent service, take advantage of it and ask your MP to support legalisation

Archive - The Library section archive section; LCA, Coffeeshops etc.

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CLEAR - Cannabis Law Reform

TCup revolution

TCup Revolution - a Facebook page detailing a personal legal battle by a disabled activist here;

ismoke mag
ISMOKE magazine

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Transform drug policy foundation
Transform Drug Policy foundation Transform have published a report looking at options for the regulation of a legal drugs trade. Worth a look.
After the war on Drugs - A blueprint for regulation.

Been Busted and need help?

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The Independent Drug Monitoring Unit (IDMU) has legal advice and a find a solicitor service.
Please complete the IDMU drug user survey
A regulated cannabis trade: IDMU report and CLEAR proposal