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Medical testimonies and research papers wanted

The medical section includes a database of testimonies from people who use cannabis therapeutically. Always remember that unless you're one of the moinority lucky enough the be prescribed "Sativex" by your doctor, using cannabis for any reason, even medicinal reasons, is illegal and may cause you problems with the law. Medical necessity is now possible as a defence if you do get raided or arrested, but it's not a get of jail card.

What works for one person may not work for another. Please note this is a collection of testimonies which we accept in good faith.

If you use cannabis for any medicinal purpose, please tell us about it by using the contact form.

Please note UKCIA cannot help you obtain cannabis, so please don't ask. Also we cannot offer medical advice.

All submissions will be moderated by UKCIA before being posted.

UKCIA has a large research section which is compiled with the help of people who send us copies of important papers. If you have anything to share, please contact us via the contact form in the first instance