UKCIA is a huge site and contains a wealth of information about the cannabis plant and its many uses.

The UKCIA Research Library

A collection of studies and articles relating to cannabis in society, cannabis and mental health, cannabis and general health and the medicinal uses
>> Research library

Cannabis History

Cannabis, the first twelve thousand years - Ernest L. Abel

Ernest L. Abel

A major reference work of cannabis history. The complete history of the cannabis plant and it's relationship with mankind.
>> Cannabis, the first 12 thousand years

Pot Culture - Russell Cronin


Cannabis and popular culture: A major article on the influence of cannabis on music from the 30's to the 90's, from the days of "Reefer madness" to the Acid house dance culture revolution at the end of the 1990's.
>> Pot Culture

Indian Hemp And The Dope Fiends Of Old England - Sean Blanchard and Matthew Atha

The drugs history of colonial Britain, is examined in this article, including the rise of the prohibitionist movement, and their battle with the free-trade movement. Also featured is the background to the famous Indian Hemp Drugs commission.
>> Indian hemp and the dope fiends of old England

The Agricultural History of Hemp in the UK -
Stuart Young

Here you can discover where and why hemp was grown in the UK in the past 1000 years. Also what sort of evidence is there that hemp was grown?
>> Agricutural history of hemp in the UK

The Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs - Edward M. Brecher and the Editors of Consumer Reports Magazine

1972. Drug prohibition, an examination.
>> CU report on licit anfd illicit drugs in the UK

The start of prohibition

The US government debated cannabis
>> Conference, January 14, 1937

Victor Lacata - a rush to judgement - The Reefer Madness Museum

An investigation into the story of Victor Lacata who, it was claimed, was driven mad by his use of cannabis and murdered his whole family with an axe, proving to be the most famous and enduring stories underpinning Reefer Madness.
>> Victor Lacata - a rush to judgement

Campaign History - 1990's - 2000's

Early law reform arguments

It's interesting to see how the case for cannabis law reform has evolved over the years.
>> Arguments from the early 1990's

Channel 4 Pot Night

In 1995 Ch4 gave whole evening over to the subject of cannabis. This is a summary of the evenings programmes
>> Pot night, the book

Past events

Smokey Bears picnics had been held for years, but in the late 90's and early 2000's saw huge protest marches for cannabis law reform. It started with the Independent on Sunday's "Decriminalise cannabis" march in 1998 and continued with "Ganja Day" celebrations in south London and elsewhere. The Blair government of 1997 tried to put a stop to them, but similar demos continue to this day.
>> Free the weed demos, the London marches

Coffeeshop Campaign

The Dutch Experience in Stockport and Worthings Bong Chuffer ran for some time before the Blair government cracked down. A good try.
>> The UK Coffeeshop campaign

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance conferences

The LCA was a registered political party that stood in elections, without, it has to be said, much success. It was a good idea though and the LCA morphed into CLEAR cannabis law reform in 2011
>> LCA conference 2001
>> LCA conference 2002
>> LCA conference 2003
>> LCA conference 2005
>> LCA Conference 2006

Cannabis conferences

Other organisations were also discussing cannabis, including psychiatrists and drug advice agencies.
>> IoS campaign, Cannabis and mental health, HIT

Cannabis Videos

>> a collection of videos about cannabis and cannabis law reform

The Reclassification debacle

The reclassification of cannabis to class C under Class C - Just what did the original move to class C under the Misuse of Drugs act was the biggest legal change to have happened since the act was introduced, but what did it actually mean if anything? Cannabis was eventually re=reclassicied to B folloing a media campaign based on the Reefer madness V2.0 hype. It all pointless in the end.
>> The Class C debacle

The British Government on Drugs

in May 2002 the British government of Tony Blair launched its new weapon in the war on drugs, an anti-drug propaganda site dressed up as honest information. Talk to Frank is still going but has a much lower profile. It became famous for terrible advertising and dodgy information. It is still used as a teaching aid in schools, but it could have been so much better
>> Talk to Frank if you must

The Grit Weed story from 2006

During 2005-6 cannabis appeared which seemed to have grit in it. This "grit weed" was being sold all over the country, something was going on at an industrial level. It turned out the cannabis was being sprayed with the tiny class beads used in reflective paint
>> Contamination

The "Skunk" panic

The reefer madness V2.0 hype was based on cannabis having become very uch stronger in recent years. The truth, of course, was not so simple and has become the key argument against prohibition and infavour of law reform
>> Skunk panic!!!