UKCIA is a huge site and contains a wealth of information about the cannabis plant and its many uses.


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Law Library: The full texts of the most important legislation and conventions.

Cannabis Culture: The long and complex relationship mankind has had with cannabis.

Hemp: The industrial uses of the plant

Medical: Cannabis as a medicine

News and Comment since 2008
Events, events...

Reviews and Critiques
TV and Radio broadcasts about cannabis, drug advice publications etc

Cannabis information
About the plant and what it does

Mental health
The complex and very interesting deabte about the effects of cananbis on mental health - it's not quite how the press would have you believe

Press Reports
The media and the war against cannabvis users.

Ideas for fighting prohibition

The Law Reform Campaign
The unfolding developments in the cananbis law reform campaign

The cause of all the problems

Anti Law Reform Groups
Know the enemy

Medical Cannabis
Medical activism

Attempts to use the law, and understadning what the law is

Personal Stories
Occasional observations from the author.

UKCIA Archive

Cannabis Videos - a collection of videos about cannabis and cannabis law reform

Early law reform arguments - Arguments from the early 1990's

Past events - free the weed demos, the London marches

Coffeeshop Campaign - The Dutch Experience in Stockport and Worthing. A good try.

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance conferences - Held in Norwich between 2001 and 2006

Cannabis conferences: IoS campaign, Cannabis and mental health, HIT

The Reclassification debacle
Class C - Just what did the original move to class C actually mean?
UKCIA comment from 2002 - Cannabis is not crack

Mass drug testing 2002.
The police threatened to mass drug test everyone attending the V-fest in Staffordshire in 2002.

The British Government on Drugs - Talk to Frank if you must

Drugs policy review sham - 2007

Press reporting of Grow Op raids - 2006

Contamination - The Grit Weed story from 2006

BBC Radio 4 - The cannabis Trade January 2008

The "Skunk" panic - is cannabis 30 times stronger than it used to be?


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