What you did - The Cannabis marches

Past events in the fight to legalise cannabis 1998 - 2005
The Cannabis Marches

There have been some big marches in support of legalising cannabis. The first one was way back in 1967, but it wasn't until the late 1990's that the campaign really picked up steam when the independent on Sunday newspaper organised the "Decriminalise cannabis" march.

This was followed every year by ever larger celebrations of the cannabis culture until the government fought back in 2005.

If you have any pictures or memories of these events - especially the 1967 march,please contact UKCIA

Ganja day 1999

Mayday is J Day
Brixton, London

Derek video and Pete pictures

Indy march 1998

The Independent on Sunday's Decriminalise Cannabis March


Derek video

Ganja day 2001

Cannabis Carnival 2001
Brixton, London

Derek pictures

End Prohibition Demo 2001

Derek pictures

Ganja day 2000

Cannabis Carnival 2000
Brixton, London

Derek video and Brend report

Ganja day 2003

2003 Ganja Day
Brixton, London

Derek pictures

Ganja day 2002

2002 Ganja Day
Brixton, London

Derek video

Ganja day 2004

2004 Ganja Day
Brixton, London

Derek pictures


London Smokey Bears 1998

Smokey Bears Portsmouth


Smokey the bear

Smokey Bears Demos Hyde Park London 1980 - 2002

1980 Derek pictures

1998 Derek pictures

Smokey Bears Demos







Norwich Smokey Bears 2001

Norwich 2001

Derek pictures


Cannabis Educatiob Rally

2005 Cannabis Education Rally
Trafalgar Square, London

Derek pictures

Free Cannabis in Hyde Park 2004

2004 Free Cannabis in Hyde Park

Derek pictures

Downing Street

London Medical Cannabis Awareness Day 2006

Cannabis Education Trust

Hull cannabis rally 2005

Hull cannabis rally
Pearson Park 2005

Derek pictures