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As of early 2012, cannabis is still classed as Schedule 1 - a drug with no medical value - under the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act. Yet SATIVEX, a concentrated form of whole cannabis is prescibed on the NHS, although it's very hard to get.

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GW Pharmaceuticals
About the UK company who have brought SATIVEXC, a cannabis-based medicine, to the market.

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For many years UKCIA has been running a database of medical cannabis users. Patients testify to the effectiveness of cannabis. Add your story via the feedback form.

Please note no personal details will will be published and we don't want you to give us any. The feedback form asks for an e-mail address which is useful if we need to contact you, but you are free not to give it.

UKCIA holds a massive collection of cannabis research papers. Use the search function to find information


THC4MS aimed to supply medicinal cannabis chocolate to bona-fide MS sufferers' throughout the UK in emergency situations only i.e:- their normal supply was exhausted. They were busted in 2005 and sentenced in 2007.

THC4MS bust 2007
Letter to the Home Office
Reply from the Home Office

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Medicine of the future?

Cannabis reduces symptoms of MS

Lancet report

The claims by medical users that cannabis reduces the symptoms of MS has been confirmed by UK government trials. The study, of more than 600 patients, published in the Lancet medical journal, also provided some evidence that they boosted mobility. Other physical proof of the drugs effects on symptoms did not emerge however. Slightly more patients on the cannabis extract reported benefits than those on THC, an active compound found in cannabis. MS sufferers have been claiming these beneficial effects for years, many sufferers break the law buying illegal cannabis and self-help groups such as THC4MS have been supplying sufferers, but they run the risk of arrest and many medical users have been dragged through the courts. This study shows that cannabis really does make these ill people feel better, these claims cannot be ignored any longer.