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THC4MS bust - Law enforcement maybe, justice? no.

Lezley and Mark Gibson and Marcus Davies were sentenced to 9 months suspended for two years at Carlisle Crown Court on January 26th for bringing pain relief to ill people by supplying cannabis in the form of "Canna-biz" chocolate..

A quiet demonstration took place and the court was packed with well wishers. This trial marks the low point of this disgusting drug war which even drags ill people through the courts.

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Open letter from UKCIA to the Home Office

HomeOffice reply

26th January 2007
Carlisle Crown Court

This story should really have be our lead item andif it ween't for the contamination problem which was a major story at the time it would have been.

Mark and Lesley Gibson - Lesley being an MS sufferer - and Marcus Davise ran THC4MS for a number of years, supplying cannabis in chocolate - known as "Canna-Biz"to MS sufferers. They were busted last year and were found guilty on Friday 16th December.

There have been a lot of stories concerning drugs in the media recently, it's clear that the present "zero tolerance" drugs policy is in a total mess; it's both unjust and creating more problems than it solves. Not only are people put at extra risk due to the uncontrolled nature of cannabis, but compassionate people are just collateral damage.

When this government came to power in 1997 it made a point of squashing drug law reform, preferring to breath new life into the war on drugs. Well, that's certainly what's happened and people with MS have been dragged through the courts, but that's only one of the sickening results.

Prohibition - the correct term for the "war on drugs" - means that so-called illegal drugs are not "controlled substances" in any meaningful use of the word "controlled".

Recreational and escapist use is supplied by organised crime with a turnover making it the third biggest industry on the planet. People who use cannabis for pain releif are treated as the enemy in this war.

Well financed and able to defend itself the suppliers of hard drugs - the drugs the government promised to target such as heroin and cocaine - have continued to spread like a cancer through our society. Meanwhile the full force of the law has been directed where it's easy to get results - such as busting THC4MS.

What's happened is people who supplied cannabis for free - in a non-smoking form - to ease pain relief in ill people have been made to go through what can only be desrcibed as a "show trial" in order to demonstrate the law is tough and even medical users will be prosecuted. This is sick beyond belief, but true.

Talk to Frank says:
"Using cannabis to relieve pain is also an offence.
Possession is illegal whatever you’re using it for

In May last year, the court of appeal ruled "medical necessity" could be no defence for the possession or supply of cannabis as a pain relief, leaving the way open for the police to target medical cannabis users.

These people may have broken a law, but they are not criminals. They stood trial in a place dedicated to "justice", not "law enforcement" - justice has not been done.

Guardian report on the background to all this here (The Guardian)

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