. Wootton Report

Alphabetical list of witnesses


M. A Lawrence Abeh M.S.. M.D.. I.R.C.S.. Chairman Medical Science. Education and Research Committee. British Medical Association .

Mr. Stephen Abrams, Psychologist Head of SOMA.

Dr. H. Dale Beckett, D.P.M.. Consultant Psychiatrist. Director of the Salter Unit.

Dr. Joseph H. Berke M.D.. Research Fellow in Psychiatry and Social Sciences with the Philadelphia Association. Chairman of The Research Committee on Cannabis.

Mr. A. Bestic, Author.

Dr. P. A. L. Chapple, M.B., Ch.B.. D.P.M.

Mr. Clive Goodwin, Literary Agent.

Sir Harry Greenfield, K.B. C.S.I.. C.E.I., President, Permanent Central Narcotics Board (now replaced by International Narcotics'Control Board).


Mr. Calvin C. Hernton, M.A.;Sociologist, Member ol The Research Committee on Cannabis.

Dr. Sam Hutt, M . B.. B.Chir., Physician.

Mr. Francis Huxley, Social Anthropologist, Fellow of St. Cathenne's Collegc, Oxf'or(l .

Dr. R. D. Laing, M.B." Ch.B.. D.P.M., Chairman Of the Philadelphia Association, Ltd.

Mr. Peter Laurie, Journalist.

Mr. William Levy, Editor, "International Times".

Dr. Robert E. Lister, B.Sc.. Ph.D., Head of Applied Pharmacology and Toxicity Division, Arthur D. Little Ltd., Musselburgh.

Mr. Martin R. Sharp, Artist, Representative of "OZ" Magazine.



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