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UKCIA guide to cannabis reclassification the first time around

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ACPO guidelines on enforcement
The Great Class C debate
Archive of events leading up to reclasification as reported by UKCIA.

On the 22nd October 2001, Home Secretary David Blunkett proposed reclassifying cannabis from its previous category under the MoD act as a class B drug to a class C drug. More than 2 years later it finally happened on 29th January 2004. In the intervening period the changes were so watered down as to almost meaningless and a mass of confusion, misinformation and misunderstanding of both what the changes are and what effect they would have occurred.

The ACPO guidelines were ammended in January 2007 such that children (<18) would no longer face automatic arrest for possession, bringing them in line with the way adults are treated.

This rather meaningless change was reversed in 2009 by the government of Gordon Brown despite the advice form the ACMD not to do so. Cannabis is now a class B substance again (as of 2010), although the enforcement regime is totally unlike that for any other class B drug.


Kfx "Spliff rules" guide to the cannabis laws - January 2007 - download pdf file


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