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Common misconceptions

Due to the somewhat ambiguous and confusing language used by the Government to define reclassification, and the sometimes downright wrong way that some of the mass media has reported it, there are several common misconceptions that people hold about what reclassification means for them. Some of these are that:

Cannabis is legal to useWrong - cannabis use is still 100% illegal. It will still be a criminal offence to possess cannabis, with a punishment of possible jail term. However if caught with a small amount of cannabis the police are expected to not "fully" arrest you unless there are "aggravated" circumstances in their opinion, but they will confiscate it and take your details.
Cannabis has been decriminalisedWrong - it is still a criminal offence under the Misuse of Drugs Act, and even simple possession carries a risk of gaining a criminal record.
You are allowed to use cannabis in your own home.Wrong - whilst the police are unlikely to specifically pursue you for such behaviour alone, if they catch you they will still confiscate it and take your details. They can still fully arrest you if they so wish, particularly if there are aggravating circumstances. Nothing has changed in the supply laws, so technically passing a spliff or bong to your friends is still a supply offence, punishable by anything up to 14 years. However this level of punishment is highly unlikely, just as it was before.
This is the first step on the road to legalisation.The Government have made it clear that they have no intentions to legalise or decriminalise cannabis. There are no plans to further change the status of cannabis after its reclassification.

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