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1990   Green Day - Green Day
According to the Green Day Online FAQ, the phrase 'green day' is Bay-area slang for a day with lots of green bud where you just sit around taking bong hits and hanging out. Billie Joe wrote the song Green Day about his first pot experience and his punk rock group changed its name from Sweet Children to Green Day in 1990, recording the song on their debut album, 39/Smooth, which has been re-released as 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.   Lyric.

1991   Stoned Immaculate - Dub Syndicate
The title track of perhaps the finest recorded statement by Adrian Sherwood's dub collective - the CD with the extraordinary four-spoked spliff on its cover - takes its theme from Jim Morrison: "Out here in the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we are stoned, immaculate" and moves into an easy skank, coloured by the sweet vocal harmonies of Akabu and well-charged with all sorts of sampled interjections and funny noises.

1991   Mean Green - Cool Hand Loc
Written by A.Smith/J.Fortson/G.Duke/L.Chanclear/ B.Millar/C.Johnson (whew) for Loc's second album on Delicious Vinyl: "When a believer gets the fever for the flavour of the cheeba / Don't you sweat it, I can get it, I got my home boy's beeper number / If you wanna get some of the chronic, supersonic / Yo, my man's got that high-powered hydroponic...Don't mention cocaine, heroin or speed / In the same breath as weed, because nobody ever ODed / Puffing reefer, cannabis sativa, hemp or the cheeba and I'm a believer."

1991   Herbs an' Spices - Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
With their Jahmekya album, the Melody Makers produced a tougher sound than previously and David Marley's lyrics got more militant, too: "Herbs an' herb an', herb an' spices an' herbs / Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me / Spices an' herb, whoa, revolution / Yes man a revolution / Yes mi say this a revolution".   Lyric.

1991   The Herb - Tony Rebel
Leading the lyrical reaction to the slackness in Jamaican dancehall music and one of the most popular deejays in JA today, Patrick George Anthony Barrett, aka Tony Rebel, here produced by Donovan Germain, delivers one of the most erudite pro-ganja raps of recent times: "And this is something, me a come here to tell everyone / Good sinsemilla, it used to run this land (land) / But since the other day, them a deal with substitution (shun) / Now the crop called cocaine bring pure destruction (shun) / That's why this morning, me get up and me write three letter / Come, me a seh, one addressed to the Prime Minister / Me say, the next one addressed to the Security Minister/ Me never done the one to the Commissioner/ Because them, them're hypocrites and counfounder / 'Cause how the hell them a going to fight against sinsemilla ? / And it put a poor people plot 'pon fire / Now, we used to plant it enough in Jamaica / And they burn it down with 'nuff police and soldier / And them import the coke fe mash up we future/ But, you see the Herb / It just me brain it preserve / You see, the Herb / It make I-man observe / You see, the Herb / It just a-strengthen me nerve..." A Jamaican hit for Penthouse Records, it's included on Big Blunts Vol.1 (Tommy Boy, 1994).

1991   Who's Got the Herb - Human Rights
Written by HR (Paul Hudson), lead singer of the influential hardcore band, Bad Brains, and performed by HR with his bro', Earl, on drums and David Byers on guitar and keys as Human Rights on their 1991 EP, I Luv: "When we smoke it in our bong it feels so nice". It was covered for the NORML Hempilation by a band called 311, whose debut album in 1993 boasted the compositions, Hydroponic and My Stoney Baby.

November, 1991   Cypress Hill (LP) - Cypress Hill
Stone classic album, featuring (among others) Something for the Blunted, Light Another and Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk: "I hit they ass like the Buddha that's stinky / They wanna scruff but they just so rinky-dinky / I'm the freaka, the one who freaks the funk / Sen got the Phillie an' he's gonna light the blunt..."   Lyrics

June, 1992   The Chronic (LP) - Dr Dre
Lyrical references to chronic - another generic name for skunk weed - are pretty much confined to the between song skits (such as The $20 Sack Pyramid; a game show in which the prize is a bag of pot) that's but one innovative feature of this hip hop landmark. If the subject matter of The Chronic covers much the same violent territory as charted by NWA, at least Dre found some exciting new voices to verbalise it, Snoop Doggy Dogg first among them. The real revelation, however, is in the grooves. Dre's 'G-Funk' blends jazz, funk and soul elements into its hip hop stew, sampling Donny Hathaway, Isaac Hayes, but most of all, Parliament. The Roach is the end of the album and, like it says to the tune of "make my funk the P-Funk": "Make my butt the chronic / I wants to get fucked up".
Asked, 'Do you think herb has helped to mellow out a lot of the thug mentality in hip-hop?', Snoop Dogg replied: "On the real, when me and Dre put chronic on the map, we took crack out of the black community. It's erasing the crack that was killing a lot of our people and sending homies to the jailhouse. Now it's more controlled, civilized and more about money and bitches and just smoking. That's the cool shit. Before that, the crackhead niggas was just running wild out there."   Lyrics.

1992   How To Roll A Blunt - Red Man
Someone had to explain and Redman, a.k.a. Reggie Noble, out of Newark, New Jersey, was happy to oblige on this rhyme from Whut? Thee Album: "Lick the blunt and then the Philly blunt middle you split / Don't have a razor blade, use ya fuckin fingertips / Crack the bag and then you pour the whole bag in / Spread the ism around until the ism reach each end / Take your finger and your thumb from tip to tip / Roll it in a motion then the top piece you lick / Seal it, dry it wit ya lighter if ya gotta / The results, mmmmmmmm....proper." The song also features on The Best Of Redman (1995) with the otherwise unreleased I'm Getting Blunted.   Lyric.

1992   Take Two and Pass - Gang Starr
From the album, Daily Operation "For that fat fat blunt you know I got this thing / So hand it over cause I wanna get charred / I'm in love with Mary Jane she keeps me large / So don't hog it let's get it moving real fast / Everybody just chill and take like two pulls and pass..."   Lyric.

1992   California Über Alles - Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
The Dead Kennedy's punk classic updated by Michael Franti on a key track from Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury: "Now its 1992 / Knock knock at your front door, hey guess who? / Its the suede demin secret police / They've come to your house for your long haired niece / Gonna take her off to a camp / 'Cause she's been accused of growing hemp."

1993   Black Sunday (LP) - Cypress Hill
The Hill's masterpiece and one of the biggest-selling rap albums of all time includes the hit single, Insane in the Brain, Hits From the Bong and the anthem, I Wanna Get High, based on Bob Marley's One Draw (q.v.): "Yes I smoke shit, straight off the roach clip/ I roach it, roll the blunt at once to approach it / Forward motion make you sway like the ocean / The herb is more than just a powerful potion / What's the commotion, yo I'm not joking around/ People learning about what they're smoking / My oven is on high, when I roast the quail/ Tell Bill Clinton to go and inhale." The version that appears on the first NORML Hempilation was recorded live in 1995 and ends with the chant, "If ya wanna legalize the herb, let me hear you say: pom, pom, pom."   Lyrics

1993   I Love You Mary Jane - Cypress Hill & Sonic Youth
Proof of Cypress Hill's versatility and mainstream success came with their two collaborations on the hit Judgment Night soundtrack with Pearl Jam (Real Thing) and alternative rock gods, Sonic Youth: "Look who's back on the program / Hookin' up another fly joint / When I flow on the slow jam / When I shift, I kick to go / Like a fat drunk and I light up a fat spliff / Take a whiff / Can you smell that in the air? / When the smoke come out the building from every where."

1994   Smokin' Stix - Coolio
The breakthrough album by artist formerly known as Artis Ivey, Jr., It Takes A Thief (Tommy Boy) includes this track about the dubious practice of dunking joints in 'some kind of embalming fluid' which, as the lyric makes clear, is not recommended.

1994   Tical - Method Man
"In every part of New York there is someone who makes up different slang words that just happen to catch on," explains Clifford Smith, a.k.a. Method Man, sometimes also known as Johnny Blaze. "In Staten Island we used to call weed 'method'. Then my man Lounger cut it down to metical. And then, over the course of time it got cut down to tical." Stepping from the ranks of the Wu Tang Clan, the title track from the Meth's influential debut album on DefJam, produced by RZA, sets the tone with a chorus that goes: "What's that shit that they be smokin? / Tical... tical, tical / Pass it over here... tical... tical, tical / What's that shit the niggaz smokin? Tical... tical, tical / Pass it over here... tical... tical, tical." Method Man's more recent followup solo album is Tical 2000: Judgement Day.   Lyric.

1994   I Got That Dank - Master P
From the Southern hip hop soldier's first, independent album, The Ghetto's Trying to Kill Me and not to be confused with Half On A Bag Of Dank from Ice Cream Man (1996): "I'm out of dank, my 40's halfway gone / I called my boy King up on the mobile phone / Get a bag, get a bag, of that ziggety zag / Careful don't twerk, cause them niggas smoke that giggety grass / And 5 0 run up on a nigga G / They ain't catching niggas like the fucking piggety P..."   Lyric.

1994   Caught By The Fuzz - Supergrass
The British trio's first single, initially on Backbeat Records, just missed the UK top 40 when released by Parlophone later in the year. Included on their first album, I Should Cocao, the song tells the true story of singer Gaz Coombes getting busted at the age of 15: "I talked to a man who says 'better to tell' / Who sold you the blow? / Well it was no one I know. / If only you'd tell us, we'd let you go..."

October, 1994   Homegrown (LP) - Dodgy
British popsters from Birmingham, who promoted their second album, Homegrown - which contains a track called Grassman - by distributing hemp seeds and grow manuals to journalists.

November, 1994   Baby Come Back - Pato Banton featuring Ali & Robin Campbell
A version of the old Equal's hit that reached #1 in the UK for the UB40 crew, complete with Pato advertising a "bag of sensi", the better to enjoy his "CD collection of Bob Marley," among the delights with which he's trying to woo his lover to return.

1995   Convicted - Hater
Written by Ben Shepherd and performed by Hater, which includes Soundgarden members Shepherd and Matt Cameron, especially for the NORML Hempilation. Thrash-punk drums, bass and guitars set the pace as Shepherd, playing guitar, sings: "Angry and confused, that's what I'm accused of /I t's my contradiction, I am convicted."

1995   Dope Dogs (LP) - George Clinton & The P-Funk All Stars
A sample-heavy concept album about narco dogs! According to George, "We're talking seven dogs in total: U.S. Customs and Coast Guard dogs; one from the DEA, the FBI, the police and from laboratories where drugs are tested. Dogs into dope beats and dopey rhymes, and those dogs who are simply dope on dope, plus dogs who sniff out dope. All these dogs are working undercover. And if you replace people with dogs, you can say anything." Perhaps his most accomplished post-Parliament recording, this album includes Clinton's cover of Follow The Leader by Eric B & Rakim; a collaboration with Primal Scream, Lost Dog; and, on the US version, the definitive mix of the P-Funk live favourite, Dope Dog. The track, US Custom Coast Guard Dope Dog also appears on NORML's Hempilation 2 and on the Sex, Drugs & Democracy CD.

July, 1995   Budsmokers Only - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Having put Cleveland, Ohio, on the hip-hop map with their 8-track EP, Creepin' On Ah Come Up,, came the raw teenage rappers' massively successful album, E. 1999 Eternal, containing a couple of crucial weed raps, Buddah Lovaz and Budsmokers Only: ("Keep hittin' that reefer, sendin' me straight to heaven. / Keep rollin', smokin', and chokin'"): "Gotta get me some hydro, gotta choke / Let me loc with a little bit of smoke in my throat / Can't let-a me high go, goin' broke / Mo Thug hit the bud up, and then get up upon me inhale / Just light up a blunt, and me roll fat one to get P.O.D.'ded / They label me killa, drugdealer, that realer nigga, Krayzie weeded..."   Lyric.

1995   I Got 5 On It - Luniz
A great big phat hit single for Dru Down, E-40, Richie Rich, Shock G and Spice 1 from their debut album, Operation Stackola: "I got 5 on it / Grab your 4 and let's get keyed / I got 5 on it / Messin with that Indo weed / I got 5 on it / It's got me stuck and I'm toe-back / I got 5 on it / Potna let's go half on a sack..."   Lyric.

1995   In the Flow - Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
Written by David 'Ziggy' Marley and recorded by the Melody Makers on the day after the Bob Marley 50th birthday celebration in February, 1995, for their eighth album, Free Like We Want 2 B and for inclusion on the first NORML Hempilation: "Politicians fighting to stop I from lighting / But in harmony, we'll smoke the tree."   Lyric

1995   Sensimilla Persecution - Buju Banton
A Donovan Germain production of the Swing Easy rhythm for Penthouse records that appeared in the UK on the flipside of the Champion 12" and one of the tracks that charted the dancehall hero's transformation from the ruff neck perpetrator of tracks like Boom Bye Bye and the ultra controversial Batty Riderto the conscious Rastafarianism of today. Naturally, it's included on Buju Banton's recent Ultimate Collection.

1995   Wanna Be A Hippie - Technohead
This ravey Summer hit sampled I Like Marijuana by David Peel and the Lower East Side (q.v.): "I wanna be a hippie and I wanna smoke pot / I wanna be a hippy and I wanna smoke a lot." Don't we all?

1996   Eyes a Bleed - Bounty Killer
Vol.2 of Tommy Boy's Big Blunts series of reggae weed anthems features three versions of this dancehall rave: the original; a terrific remix by RZA of the Wu Tang Clan featuring Master Killer (which also appears on Wu Chronicles II); plus a remix by Tom LaRoc. Bounty Killer's also responsible for Smoke The Herb, from his 1997 album, Ghetto Gramma.

1996   Super Sharp Shooter - Ganja Kru
The DJ crew of Hype, Zinc and Pascal, united by their enthusiasm for potent pot and breakbeat music, pooled their talents on this influential EP, which features the classic Jungle track, Super Sharp Shooter, by DJ Zinc, plus Hype's True Playaz Anthem.

1996   Blunt Time - RBX
Unmistakably a Dr. Dre production, from The Aftermath, the chorus unfortunately equates smoking blunts with drinking brandy and toying with 9mm firearms: "Blunt time - pull out your Philly / Sip a glass of 'gnac, reload your nine milli. / Dancin', puffin', sippin' or set trippin' / Dimes keep on flippin', flippin'..."   Lyric.

1996   Hemp Museum - B-Legit
As envisioned in the title track of the West Coast rapper's debut album - where he celebrates the gangsta life in such titles as Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us and Rollin' Wit Hustlers - the Hemp Museum is a hydroponic growing facility: "No square be allowed in the house of hemp / We campaigns like the President / I got four or five dank rooms / Big screens with Play Stations / Wet bar, perculation / A vacation? / No, more like the Mardi Gras / With hurricanes and thangs that you ain't ever saw..."   Lyric.

May 1996   Fuzzy Logic (LP) - The Super Furry Animals
The sleeve of the enduring Welsh eccentrics' first album on Creation featured multiple portraits of the celebrated Welsh hash smuggler, Howard Marks, showing the various disguises he adopted while on the run. The album contains a track called Hangin' Out With Howard Marks and Mr Nice evidently hung out with the boyos long enough to get a production credit for a mix of their single, The Man Don't Give A Fuck (Creation 247).

September, 1996   The Day We Caught The Train - Ocean Colour Scene
The band's breakthrough hit from their Moseley Shoals album contains the line, "Roll a number, write another song like Jimmy heard the day he caught the train."  Lyric

1997   The Battle Of Who Could Care Less - Ben Folds Five
From their album, Whatever and Ever Amen: "Watch the Rockford Files / Call to see if Paul can score some weed / Do you never rest / Fighting the battle of who could care less".   Lyric

1997   Everybody's Smoking Cheeba - The Donnas
Track from the feisty rock chicks' first album.   Lyric   Real Audio Sample

1997   Weed & Money - Master P feat. Silkk The Shocker
Master P's lyrical explorations of this theme include Dope, Pussy & Money from Mama's Bad Boy (1993) and this from the Ghetto D album, which album also includes Pass Me Da Green: "I stack greens like cheese / Smoke weed with g's / Sell cream to fiends / And roll with beams..."   Lyric.

1998   Dub Mentality - Asian Dub Foundation
From Rafi's Revenge (London Records): "Dub is the place we come to argue and debate / It isn't just a backdrop for our herbal intake... Dub is the teacher / Jungle is the preacher."

August, 1998   Can-I-Bus (LP) - Canibus
The Jamaican-born rapper, aka Germaine Williams, known for delivering a lyrical KO to LLCoolJ and seen by many as the anointed successor to Rakim, Canibus' first album, produced by Wycleff Jean delivers "twin turbine rhymes with four thousand pounds of thrust" that are unequivocally powered by the herb, although overt weed rhymes are few. The track, Buckingham Palace however, is unmistakably inspired by U-Roy's Chalice In The Palace.

November, 1998   Sidemousin' The Bong - Mike Watt
Especially written by the pioneering punk bassist for Hempilation 2 and recorded with his old sparring partner from fIREHOSE and The Minutemen, George Hurley, on drums, along with violinist Petra Haden, who also sang, plus Stephen Perkins - the drummer of Porno for Pyros and Jane's Addiction renown - on steel drum, percussion, extra high-hat, and bong hits - nine in a row!

1999   One Good Spliff - Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
From the Spirit of Music (Elektra) album, the cover of which shows a young Rasta - possibly Ziggy - obscured by wreathes of smoke, the words to this song were written by Stephen Marley: "Said I don't drink coffee / For they say / It's just not right for me / But what makes me irie / Is if I could get a little piece of tree / And build one good spliff..." It's also included on the Melody Makers Live album, Live 1.   Lyric.

1999   Nitro Burnin' Funny Bong - GWAR
Gods Were Alien Reptiles? Gosh, We Are Revolting? Gnarly Wankers And Retards? Whatever, Gwar is a theatrical punk-metal ensemble that makes monstrous music with lyrics that mostly extend their own bizarre mythology. This track from their fifth album, We Kill Everything - a riposte to Nitro Burnin' Funny Cars by The Dead Milkmen - is typical: "So I'm stuck on this planet and I'm hooked on the weed / And the crack and the booze and the pills and the speed / And the sex and the mud and the blood and the shit..." and typically funny: "I'm talkin bout the Nitro-Burnin Funny Bong / Just one hit, your life goes wrong / Nitro-burning funny bong / Another stupid stoner song..."   Lyric.

1999   100 Dollar Bag - Beenie Man
"An a guess mi a guess / Dis is what I believing / Get di sensimilla is di real born healing / When mi smoke di sensi, make mi reach to di ceiling / I nah go deal with no stealing / Well, di coke, di crack, di heroin / Dat mi no dealing / An di sensimilla give yah natural feeling / Coke mash dem up an leave di whole a dem screaming / Good sensimilla man burning..." One of the Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems '99 (Greensleeves).   Lyric.

2000   Weed Song - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Overt weed references on the Thugs' 1997 double album, The Art Of War were limited to Krayzie's interlude on disc 2, Blaze It ("If reefer really makes you happy, nigga blaze it, hell yeah, hell yeah / Stay smokin', chokin', rollin' blunts and we love it..."), but BTNResurrection sees the whole crew of Krayzie, Wish, Flesh, Layzie and Bizzy jamming on this particular weed song: "You know that weed can really ease your mind / Every time I smoke good reefer, that Indo high makes me fly / If everybody smoked a blunt, relieve the mind, the world could be a better place / If everybody took a break and we all just got wasted..."   Lyric.

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